30 Miles North (30MN) is a Public Relations agency in Santa Monica, California specializing in fashion, entertainment and technology PR. We work with tech and fashion start-up entrepreneurs and companies to manage communication efforts. Our staff consists of seasoned publicists and social media strategists who have managed high-profile PR and social media campaigns and events.

30 Miles North offers traditional and digital public relations plans that are customized for the client’s needs and budget. We focus on developing strategic outreach plans and communications spanning across television, web, social media, and print publications.

Founded by Priscilla Vento in 2008, she strives to reinvent new ways to encompass both brand and audience in order to capture a unique PR campaign. Her mission is to keep it fresh, creative and thoughtful in work, play and every day life!

This is why we know we rock!

  • 30 Miles North is a boutique agency which means the agency Founder is your team leader and will be actively involved in your business every day.
  • No interns will be working on your account, only seasoned PR and social media professionals.
  • Our agency has over ten years of experience in fashion, tech and entertainment PR.
  • We have a unique and extensive understanding of the technical development and design processes of apps, websites and software. This allows us to better communicate your product to the media.
  • We’re proud to say we have enviable partnerships with the top media outlets. Journalists, Editors, Producers and Bloggers consistently work with us to accomplish maximum exposure goals.
  • We do not watch the clock or limit your hours, if media calls at 1 a.m., we answer!
  • We are service-oriented, data driven and obsessive about results.
  • We value your business, employees and time.
  • All 30 Miles North employees are passionate about their jobs. We value happy, productive employees both inside and outside the office.